The collections termed Corpus 0 / TRACE Catalogues contain an exhaustive listing of those narrative, poetic, theatrical and audiovisual (cinema and television) texts that were translated and censored during the target time period 1939 to 1985. For each reference to a translated cultural product, there is a computerized database entry presenting three main levels of information:

a) The textual data that identify the ST and TT and information drawn from censorship records that notes the passing of the TT through the relevant censoring body.

b) Details of the printing and publication of narrative and poetic texts, staging and publication of theatrical texts, and the production, distribution and exhibition of audiovisual texts.

c) The sources of bibliographical and audiovisual information used in each case and any links between different censorship reports referring to the same cultural product.

On the basis of data already recorded, and thanks to information from the sources quoted, the computerized Corpus 0 / Catalogues are progressively being expanded, with an increase in the number of entries and in the data fields recorded for each.